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Hydraulic cylinders
Hydraulically operated cylinders for linear motions of every type
single and double acting
piston diameter 4 up to 200 mm
max. operating pressure 160 bar up to 500 bar
strokes from 4 to 1,200 mm
Electric clamping elements
Electrically-operated elements for clamping of components and workpieces
nominal voltage 24 VDC
max. clamping force 7 kN
clamping stroke 20 mm
Hydraulic clamping elements
Hydraulically-operated elements for clamping of components and workpieces
single and double acting
max. clamping forces from 0.5 to 50 kN
max. operating pressure from 70 to 500 bar
max. clamping strokes from 3 to 50 mm
Hydraulic work supports
Hydraulically-operated elements to support workpieces
single and double acting
admissible load from 4 to 102 kN
max. operating pressure 500 bar
plunger strokes from 6 to 20 mm
Hydraulic valves
Valves to control and adjust hydraulic processes
manually, mechanically or electrically operated
ND4 up to ND12
max. operating pressure 250 up to 500 bar
max. flow rate 8 up to 130 l/min
Hydraulic pressure generator
Units to generate hydraulic pressure
from electric, pneumatic, hydraulic or manual energy
for single and double acting cylinders
max. operating pressure up to 500 bar
max. flow rate up to 24 l/min
Elements for oil supply
Elements for oil supply to hydraulic elements
for installation in hydraulic lines
rotary couplings
coupling elements
tubing elements
max. operating pressure 500 bar
Mechanical and electrical accessories for hydraulic elements
accessories for position monitoring
contact bolts
spherical bearings
mechanical clamping elements
Concentric clamping elements
Hydraulically or mechanically-operated elements for concentric clamping and positioning of components and workpieces
for interior or exterior clamping
max. clamping force 2.8 up to 85 kN
repetitive accuracy of clamping force up to ± 0.005 mm
Hydraulic fixture clamps
Compact hydraulically-operated machine vices
with fixed jaw, concentric or position flexible function
double acting
max. clamping force from 8 kN to 15 kN
max. clamping stroke from 5 to 45 mm
max. operating pressure 250 bar
Pneumatic elements
Pneumatically-operated elements
for clamping of components and workpieces
double-acting swing clamps
(max. clamping forces from 140 to 1400 N)
rotary couplings
Handling technology
modulog moduleprogramme - modules for rotating, lifting,
tilting and moving of heavy workpieces

All modules are independent functional units that can be easily combined to built multi-functional units.
Drive technology
Electrically and manually-operated linear actuators
for adjusting procedures under demanding conditions
in industry, automotive engineering and medicine technology
force from 0.3 to 12.5 kN
stroke from 80 to 600 mm
Press technique
Hydraulic press-in devices for power-operated processes such as jointing, pressing-in, jolting, deforming and riveting.
cylinder stroke 100 to 500 mm
nominal pressure force 25 to 150 kN
Technical information
General technical information
general characteristics of hydraulic equipment
venting of the spring area
determination of clamping forces
seal kits
HILMA Workholding
HILMA Die clamping QDC/QMC