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C2.345 Directional control valve combination ND 4
manually operated
single and double acting
max. operating pressure 500 bar
3/2 directional control valves (poppet valves) mounted on mounting plates
single acting: up to max. 7 clamping circuits
double acting: up to max. 5 clamping circuits
operation by turning knob 90°
connecting thread G 1/4
max. flow rate 8 l/min
C2.954 Sequence valve ND 4
with check valve
max. operating pressure 500 bar
On data sheet of the sequence valve - page 2:
manifold-mounted sequence valves consisting of:
1 input valve and up to 5 series valves
only one pressure line is required at the input valve
connecting thread G 1/4
input valve and series vales in 2 ranges of adjustment:
10 up to 150 bar
100 up to 450 bar
adjustment by spindle with hexagon socket
max. flow rate 8 l/min
C2.960 Valve module combinations
max. operating pressure 250 bar
Hydraulic valves mounted on base plates and connected by drilled channels for control of complex clamping fixtures
input module with:
- one flow control valve
- one pilot-controlled check valve
- one pressure reducing valve
- two miniature measuring connections for a pressure gauge
maximally 3 series modules each with:
- one sequence valve
- one pressure reducing valve
- one miniature measuring connection for a pressure gauge