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Power units
Completely equipped standard power units
basic power units with directional control valves as per customer's requirements
with gear pumps or radial piston pumps
with 3-phase AC-motor 0.75 up to 7.5 kW - 400 VAC
with programmable control, electric control or terminal box
oil volume of the reservoir 5 to 63 litres
operating pressures 50 up to 500 bar
flow rate 0.82 up to 24 l/min
Hydro-pneumatic pump units
Pneumatically-operated pumps to generate hydraulic pressure
for single and double acting cylinders
max. operating pressure 500 bar
max. flow rate 0.85 up to 1.5 l/min at max. air pressure (without counter pressure)
Hydraulic and pneumatic-hydraulic intensifiers
to change hydraulic or pneumatic pressure at the input side to a higher hydraulic pressure at the output side.
with fixed intensification ratio or continuous redelivery.
for single and double acting cylinders
max. operating pressure at the input side:
hydraulic: 66 to 200 bar, pneumatic: up to 8 bar
max. operating pressure at the output side 300 up to 500 bar
manually-operated pumps
Pumps for clamping fixtures and operations of every type
for single-acting cylinders
pumps with operation by hand or foot lever
with continuously adjustable pressure relief valve
useable oil volume 150 up to 1,800 cm3
displacement per stroke 2 to 12 cm3
screw pumps for small clamping fixtures
displacement 21 cm3