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F9.300 Fittings with 24° cone as per DIN EN ISO 8434-1
Fitting accessories, plug-type connectors,
hydraulic pipes, pipe clamps, pressure gauges
Fittings with knife edge or elastic sealing
hydraulic oil in reservoirs of 1, 5 and 20 litres
galvanized St 37 precision steel tubes 8 to 15 mm
connecting inserts for hydraulic lines ND 5, 500 bar
pressure gauge with glycerine filling
with measuring ranges 0 to 40, 100, 250, 400 and 600 bar
accessory: pressure gauge union and elbow tubes
F9.361 Hydraulic high-pressure hoses
assembled ready for connection, max. operating pressure 250/500 bar
Equipped with fittings,
hydraulic high-pressure hoses resistant to mineral oil

ND 4 up to 6.3
lengths as per preferred series, but also selectable at 5 mm
max. operating pressure 250 / 500 bar
F9.500 High-pressure filter
max. operating pressure 350 bar
To protect hydraulic elements against contaminations
inline filter, plug-in filter and rectifier filter
filter quality of 10 and 100 µm
filter material stainless steel and steel
body material stainless steel and steel
max. operating pressure 350 and 500 bar
F9.601 Hydraulic accumulator
Nominal volume 13 – 750 cm3, max. operating pressure 250 – 500 bar
Diaphragm accumulator for energy storage
for compensation of internal leakages or to compensate the volume in the case of temperature changes
filling gas: nitrogen
gas-preload pressure 40 to 160 bar
operating temperature -10 up to +80°C
5 sizes
F9.732 Pressure switch
hydro-electric signal converter
pressure range 5-130 bar / 50-350 bar and 50-550 bar
Piston pressure switch – break or make contact
with continuously adjustable switching point

hydraulic connection: manifold mounting
or G1/4 with accessory connecting plate
switching element: change-over switch
electrical connection: with plug
accessory: plug with or without cable
code class IP 65
F9.750 Electronic pressure sensor with radio transmission
receiver unit with analogue and digital interface
measuring range 0..16 / 0..250 / 0..600 bar
battery-powered pressure sensor with radio transmission
long-field range: max. 300 m
code class IP 67
receiver unit with antenna
voltage: 20..30 VDC
outputs: 4x analog or 2x analog + 2 relay
data interface: RS485 Modbus