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F9.280 Rotary couplings
single, twin, four and six passages
without/with leakage oil port
max. operating pressure 250 / 500 bar
Rotary coupling for hydraulic oil
with or without leakage re-circulation in the housing
ND 5

max. adm. number of revolutions 20 up to 85 min-1
max. starting torque at 500 bar: 1.2 to 20 Nm
F9.281 Rotary Couplings
supported by ball bearings, twin, four and six passages
ND 5, max. operating pressure 500 bar
Rotary couplings for hydraulic oil and pneumatics
with separate leakage port
pipe thread or manifold-mounting connection
temperature range: +10 to +60°C
max. admissible number of rotations:
hydraulic oil: 25 up to 500 min-1
pneumatics: 10 min-1
max. flow rate: 12 l/min
F9.290 Rotary valve couplings
ND 5
max. operating pressure 500 bar
Rotary valve coupling for hydraulic oil

- loading and unloading in one station
- loading and unloading in two stations
commonly or separately controlled
Number of stations 5 to 10