13. - 17. September Stuttgart
AMB 2022
International Exhibition for Metalworking
ROEMHELD at the AMB 2022
Workholding technology with sensor technology for digitalisation, automation and flexibilisation
Premiers: Swing clamp with integrated pneumatic sensing, HILMA.ASH automation system and "balance" clamping systems for distortion-free workholding

Workholding with sensor technology for efficient production is the focus of ROEMHELD at the AMB from 13 to 17 September in Stuttgart. For digitalisation, automation and flexibilisation of workholding and set-up processes, the workholding specialist offers a growing number of workholding elements and systems. They facilitate the recording and further processing of forces, paths and pressures and other parameters relating to the manufacturing process. A number of other components from the ROEMHELD portfolio have electronic or pneumatic control options which provide information about the respective holding status.

Among the premiers at this year's fair are ROEMHELD swing clamps for low operating pressures, the HILMA.ASH automation system and new "balance" clamping systems for distortion-free workholding. All new products, an overview of the large workholding range as well as a selection of customer-specific clamping solutions will be shown by ROEMHELD in Hall 1 at Stand 1H70.

New series: Hydraulic swing clamp with pneumatic position control for 70 and 120 bar

A new series of hydraulic swing clamps, based on the well-known 70 and 120 bar series, features an integrated pneumatic position control. Due to their compact design, the external geometry is identical to the version without the control.
They are mainly used in fully automatic production with very short cycle times and in workholding equipment where handling systems are used for changing workpieces.

HILMA.ASH automated workholding system for automated production

The hydraulically double-acting long-travel HILMA.ASH clamp, presented for the first time, is characterised by its long travel of 80 mm. It is ideal for different sizes of component families that are clamped in one workholding system. Therefore, the number of workpiece-specific clamping devices can be significantly reduced and clamping tool costs can be saved. Another advantage: The machine running time is not limited by the number of clamping tools and pallets.
The long travel offers sufficient flexibility for the fully automated production of workpieces for initial and subsequent clamping. An automated jaw change is also possible. This means that, without manual intervention and without problems, raw parts and semi-finished products can be held and machined alternately with different clamping forces.
In conjunction with a robot, the HILMA.ASH replaces a large number of conventional workholding systems, which often only have a few millimetres of travel and therefore offer little flexibility. 
Families of parts can be produced much more economically with the HILMA.ASH than with standard vices or pallet systems thanks to shorter set-up times and lower personnel and system costs. 

New "balance" workholding systems for distortion-free clamping of workpieces

The HILMA MC-P machine vice with balance function and the hydraulically single-acting zero-point workholding system STARK.balance adapt to the workpiece. This allows them to be clamped into position without distortion. This compensating function prevents deformation of the workpieces, thus ensuring precise and process-reliable production at all times.

The STARK.balance quick release fastener enables significant compensation of ± 0.75 mm. It was specially developed for the special requirements of direct clamping and large pallets.

If the workpiece changes, for example due to temperature fluctuations, the workholding mechanism can move sideways. This allows for compensation of positioning errors of up to 1.5 mm. Thanks to the collision-free accessibility on five sides, STARK.balance systems are also ideal for 5-axis machining and for the flexible production of different component dimensions. 

Workholding with integrated sensor technology, active feed and compensation: STARK.connect

System-related inaccuracies can also be accommodated by the STARK.connect exhibited at the AMB. Its integrated sensor system indicates the various clamping states "clamped without retractable nipple", "retractable nipple clamped" and "released" by means of LEDs on the element. In addition, this information is forwarded to a PLC control via PNP outputs. 
STARK.connect has an active infeed that noticeably improves the clamping quality. Other systems with active infeed such as STARK.classic, STARK.hydratec and STARK.sweeper will also be on display at the stand.

STARK.intelligence digitalises existing zero-point workholding systems

With the modular STARK.intelligence system, a range of zero-point workholding systems can be converted for digital use. The sensor system installed in a machine table or quick-lock plate allows transparent and standardised mapping of the condition - both for the process sequence and for maintenance. 
STARK.intelligence is a bus-compatible system that uses sensors on a STARK zero-point workholding system to measure paths, positions, temperatures and pressures in real time. The data from several units are sent to the master module and processed there. This in turn sends the information via IO-Link interface to terminals on the machine or to browser-enabled terminals. 
All data can also be directly integrated into the machining process, for example for manual or automatic loading as part of a continuous production process. In addition, the system provides valuable information on the condition of the clamping tools and thus allows condition-based maintenance.
Customers can choose between individual components and a complete solution including visualisation. An RFID interface is also available in the full version, which automatically recognises pallets and workpieces.

Large clamping range and compact design: Bore clamp for 5-sided machining

Compact ROEMHELD bore clamps, which can be placed very close to the workpiece contour, help with space-saving axial clamping and positioning. Even very small components can be reliably clamped in bores from 5.2 mm to 13.7 mm. 
The bore size can be easily adjusted by means of exchangeable clamping bushes. The clamping element remains in the device. This procedure facilitates the changing of clamping bushes within a few minutes. It is also practical that the height of the support can be easily adjusted: Components with different support heights are available for bores that are deeper than the rest of the support surface. 
The clamping bush can be easily kept clean by means of compressed air. A range of query options help to check whether the workpiece is clamped or released, whether it is positioned correctly and whether the clamping bolt is intact. This ensures a high level of process reliability, which also enables the use of the bore clamps in automated applications.

Pneumatic swing clamp with monitoring Maintains clamping force even in case of pressure drop

For clamping tools with automated loading and unloading, where clamping forces up to 400 N are sufficient, ROEMHELD presents a pneumatic swing clamp with force amplification. A mechanical lock ensures that the clamping force is maintained in the event of a pressure drop. 
Optionally, the swing clamp is available with the pneumatic or electric position control "clamping/unclamping", which is why it can be used in many different ways in automated systems. For dry machining or minimum quantity lubrication, a metallic wiper ring ensures that the system is kept free from dirt and very small particles.


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