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Company and product range

The following three companies are united under the ROEMHELD brand, which manufacture or support all products for industrial production. 

Together with the Friedrichshütte foundry, the companies form the ROEMHELD Group, which are combined in the Römheld Beteiligungsgesellschaft.

Product brands

ROEMHELD is the umbrella brand for the complete product range.
In addition there are three product brands:

STARK : Zero point clamping systems

HILMA : Workpiece clamping systems | Machine vices

moduhub : Handling technology


While this website describes ROEMHELD and its companies, there are separate websites for our products and services depending on the fields of application.

In addition, there is a website for the rotor locks for wind turbines and a website for Friedrichshütte GmbH.

Owner and Managing Director

ROEMHELD is a family-run group of companies in the 5th generation.
The owners are the siblings Julia Reichert, née Ehrhardt, and Philipp Ehrhardt.
While Julia Reichert is more concerned with commercial matters, the focus of Philipp Ehrhardt's activities is on technical matters.

Julia Reichert and Philipp Ehrhardt are supported in the individual companies by the following operational managing directors.