The aviation industry imposes the highest safety requirements, demanding extreme precision and accuracy. The highest quality standards, precision and process-reliable production processes make us a reliable partner for the aviation industry.


Workholding systems │ Machine vices

  • Flexible workholding system for small and medium batch sizes
  • Tower workholding systems for all sizes of machining centres
  • Compact workholding systems for optimum accessibility

Workholding elements │Hydraulic components

  • Hydraulic, electric and pneumatic clamping elements for workpiece clamping fixtures
  • Hydraulic components for the construction of workpiece clamping fixtures

Zero point clamping systems 

  • Clamping systems for aircraft structural parts
  • Clamping systems for aircraft turbine parts

Flexible clamping and support systems

  • Systems for clamping thin-walled workpieces with free-form surfaces

Hydraulic power units 

  • Power units for generating hydraulic pressure
Testing, assembly and deburring operations │ Gluing and assembling doors, etc.

moduhub assembly systems 

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