The protection of the environment
is important to us

ROEMHELD has its own environmental and energy management system. This ensures that the impact of the production on the outside world is kept to a minimum, only the necessary extent of emissions occur and resources such as energy, water, air and raw materials are used as carefully as possible. We pay particular attention to the following aspects:



  • Water and wastewater consumption
  • Lubricant consumptions
  • Use of hazardous substances
  • Air (emissions)


  • Power consumptions
  • Natural gas consumptions
  • Compressed air consumptions

The protection of the environment requires that we constantly develop our environmental and energy management system. Therefore, our development department is continuously working on optimising the use of raw materials in components and making their production as resource-friendly as possible. We also pass on our high standards of environmental and energy protection to our suppliers. 
That is beneficial to the environment and to our customers, as it enables us to reduce manufacturing costs and cushion price increases for raw materials.
Our products help you save resources; moreover, we also strive to help you as a customer save resources with our products.

Initiative of the mechanical and plant engineering

We are a partner of the Blue Competence sustainability initiative of the mechanical and plant engineering. We are committed to continuously developing our product and production technologies with regard to sustainability.

The partners of the initiative pursue common goals:

  • Shaping the world with technology - even the day after tomorrow. The challenges posed by the major mega trends of our time can only be mastered with cutting-edge technology and technical innovations. Globalisation, urbanisation, mobility and the ageing of society are tasks for which mechanical and plant engineering already has the right solutions today, from energy and air-conditioning technology, electromobility, water supply and wastewater disposal, building services engineering to medical engineering. Mechanical engineering will continue to contribute to a sustainable quality of life in the future.
  • Achieve more with fewer resources. The world population is growing, but natural resources are not. To ensure that we can all live in dignity on earth in the future, we must use what we have sparingly. This can be achieved by increasing efficiency - and this has been a core competence of mechanical and plant engineering for decades. How much is possible is exemplified by the topic of energy. The energy demand is increasing worldwide. Innovative technology can reduce the increase by energy savings in drives, pumps and production processes.
  • Assume responsibility. Medium-sized companies shape mechanical and plant engineering. Many of them have been in family hands for generations. As a result, a social tradition has emerged. And an ecological and cultural obligation towards the location. We rely on respectful treatment of employees and trusting cooperation with our customers and suppliers worldwide.
  • Set an example. With every new development, mechanical and plant engineering shows that sustainability also increases economic efficiency. Resource efficiency and cost efficiency are two sides of the same coin. This realisation also applies in other industries and other regions of the world. Blue Competence wants to show that it is not only excellent but helpful to act sustainably.

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