Medical engineering
Medical engineering

The highest requirements in precision and quality are the cornerstone of medical engineering. There are special requirements in the materials used, the manufacturing processes and the component geometries. We also manufacture actuators for adjusting procedures on patient beds and height adjustment on side tables and instrument tables, in addition to clamping systems for these requirements. 


Workholding systems │ Machine vices

  • Flexible workholding system for small and medium batch sizes
  • Tower workholding systems for all sizes of machining centres
  • Compact workholding systems for optimum accessibility

Hollow-piston cylinders

  • Clamping systems for medical filtration systems

Zero point clamping systems

  • Clamping systems for specific manufacturing processes for challenging materials in medical engineering
  • Clamping systems for the dental industry, orthopaedics and cardiovascular medical engineering

Hydraulic power units 

  • Power units for generating hydraulic pressure
Die clamping in the clean room

Magnetic clamping systems

  • Magnetic clamping plates for clean room applications
Positioning of patients with manual-hydraulic actuators │ Height adjustment of side tables and instrument tables

moduhub lifting modules


Manually-operated linear actuators

  • Hydro-mechanical linear actuators for universal linear adjusting procedures
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