Dual Study
According to requirement and need
Dovetailing theory and practice

Dual studies at ROEMHELD according to requirements and demand

We offer the possibility of a dual study course at ROEMHELD specifically according to requirements and demand in the individual company departments. Remuneration during the studies and a high probability of permanent employment after the studies make this offer particularly attractive for applicants.

Dual study programme -mechanical engineering-

Whether highly complex machines or production lines or wind turbines, it is mechanical engineering that makes it all possible. Engineers in this field are in high demand. If you study mechanical engineering dual, you get the entire spectrum of engineering theory and practice.

Here you learn everything about the development, construction and production of complex machines and systems. This could be, for example, complex machines for the automotive industry or turbine components for aviation or packaging systems in food production. As a finished mechanical engineer, you can later work basically anywhere where machines have to be used and monitored, new machines developed and built and production processes organised and optimised.

Dual study programme -mechanical engineering & mechatronics-

Both mechanical engineering and mechatronics are key disciplines of the 21st century that, especially in combination, provide solutions for an increasing number of technical and industrial requirements.

The Master's programme "Mechanical Engineering & Mechatronics" therefore brings together the basic and specialised knowledge from these classic engineering disciplines in a scientific, methodical and practical way.

Such a holistic view of complex technical systems represents for me the very best career prospects for today and the future.

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