Robotics & Automation
Robotics & Automation

Robotics and automation is a dynamic and fast-growing industry with increasing importance for production. Increased efficiency is the focus of the industry. We can provide you with the right products to automate your production: especially hydraulically, but also electrically controlled components and systems.


Workholding systems │ Machine vices

  • Mechanical, electrical and hydraulic clamping systems
  • Flexible automation solutions even for small batch sizes

Workholding elements │ Hydraulic components

  • Pneumatic and electrical clamping systems for special grippers in robotics
  • Hydraulic clamping elements and components for automation

Zero point clamping systems

Increasing the gripping space of cobots and gripping robots

moduhub lifting modules

  • Stationary or mobile assembly on lifting modules while using the full Z-axis
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