Focus on operational goods transport
Education and training for forklift truck drivers
Education and training for forklift truck drivers in Laubach

Within the scope of employees’ annual education and training programme, an education and training for fork-lift vehicle drivers took place at ROEMHELD in Laubach these days.

For the first time, employees of the iron foundry Friedrichshütte took part in this internal and legally required training. The main topics of the training were essentially divided into the following training contents:

  • Teaching of theoretical and practical knowledge of a fork-lift truck driver
  • Practical exercises with a forklift truck
  • Tests in theory and practice

Nowadays, industrial trucks of all types have become indispensable for the transport of goods. For this purpose, the driver must know the efficient and safe handling of the equipment without endangering himself and others, says trainer and head of production Markus Hönig.

M. Hönig, N. Stöckel, C. Birkenstock, L. Krippner, B. Whisnant, L. Wehbrink, M. Neumann (f.l.t.r.)