21.06. - 25.06.2023 Frankfurt
Visit us at EUROBIKE
in Hall 9.0 at Booth D13
ROEMHELD celebrates the premier of three new innovations at the Eurobike trade fair
  • These new products offer ergonomic and efficient assembly and repair of two-wheelers
  • Mobile or stationary, for production or the workshop, electric or manual - with optional load balancing 

ROEMHELD will present three new innovations for the assembly and repair of bicycles, e-bikes and cargo bikes at Eurobike 2023. On display for the first time, the company will present Bike proMobil, a mobile assembly device, Bike proStand, the new repair and maintenance unit and Bike basicLift, the compact and energy-independent assembly device. Two-wheelers weighing up to 80 kg can be handled flexibly, ergonomically and efficiently on these solid structures.

The models are extremely stable and offer excellent accessibility to the bicycle in all situations. Without scratching the paint, the bike is held gently by the seat tube, a three-point mount, or clamping claws. It is easy to exchange the clamping adapters as needed. For ergonomic assembly, repair and maintenance, the bicycle can be moved into any position and fixed in place in a few easy steps.

The ROEMHELD group of companies is a developer and manufacturer of ergonomic assembly and handling solutions that are used in a wide variety of industrial applications. The assembly devices are recent developments, which were developed with partners from the bike industry and are used in assembly. They can be seen at Eurobike 2023 from June 21 to 25 in Frankfurt/Main in Hall 9.0 at Booth D13.

Bike proMobil assembly device for flexible flow production

Bike proMobil, the mobile assembly device, requires no external power and can be used flexibly for all assembly tasks in the production of bicycles up to 40 kg. On the one hand, this allows production lines and production processes to be designed efficiently and flexibly. On the other hand, employees can take on different assembly tasks so that their work is more varied.
The stable Bike proMobil can be moved easily with the help of large rollers. A central locking device allows the device to be locked by foot. Unparalleled kinematics help achieve any ergonomic mounting height by combining two rotary axes and a lateral rotation. The bicycle frame can be fixed with precision in any position in 15 steps. This provides optimum access to the pedal bearings, motor, rear derailleur, and brakes. After assembly, the bike can be moved close to the ground and set down.
The load distribution can be flexibly balanced according to the stage of assembly and wheel weight. A gas spring is used to adjust the bike position at any time with ease. 

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Bike proStand for efficient Maintenance and repair in the workshop

Bike proStand is designed for stationary use in workshops and is supplied with a 230-V fixed connection. It consists of two electrically adjustable axes: height adjustment with a stroke of 1,470 mm and a rotary axis that can be rotated infinitely by 360° with a drive torque of 90 Nm. For stationary use, the assembly device can be screwed into the floor or attached to a base plate for stability. It is suitable for bicycles up to 40 kg. The version without a rotary axis can lift cargo bikes weighing up to 80 kg.

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Bike basicLift for service centres and mobile repair services

Based on its tried and tested modular system moduhub, ROEMHELD has developed the compact Bike basicLift, which can be used universally in smaller and mobile workshops, for example inside transport vehicles. With the hydro-manual basic model, the height of bicycles weighing up to 40 kg can be adjusted by a maximum of 800 mm. Thanks to a universal adapter, many commercially available bicycle mounts and clamping claws can be attached. This assembly device is particularly rigid and firmly clamps the bicycle, enabling safe, injury-free and efficient work.

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Bike basic Lift

Bike BasicLift
Bike ProStand
Bike ProMobil

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Bike basicLift, Bike proStand, Bike proMobil
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Bike proMobil
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